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  • Attracting different nationalities.
  • Value for money.
  • Shorter & more intensive courses.
  • Popular destination for Indian students.
  • UK Universities having their campuses in Dubai & offering degree of UK Universities.
  • Student can take transfer to the parent campus after finishing one academic year for their UG Courses.
  • Dubai Education is affordable.
  • Age limit is not a problem in regards to student visa. If the student is meeting academic entry requirement he can apply irrespective of his age, let him be 18 yrs or 50 yrs.
  • Gap in the studies is also not an issue.
  • Options without IELTS also available.
  • Duration of Bachelor’s is 3 years or 4 years (with sandwich year), Master’s duration is 1 year.
  • Post Graduate students can legally change their student visa to work visa in case if they find an employer. The same student can continue his studies as a part time student. The classes will be from 6 PM to 9 PM or on weekends (depending upon University).
  • A student needs to shell out between 3000 AED to 4000 AED per month for the living expenses.
  • IELTS of 6.5* required for PG courses and 6.0* required for UG Courses.
  • IELTS waiver if student scored more than 70% in 12th English. MBA Courses are the are the exceptions.

Education in Dubai covers the levels of primary, secondary and collegiate education. The school system in Dubai is not different from the education system in the United Arab Emirates. There are many public and private schools catering to Emiratis and expatriates. The Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates is responsible for accreditation of schools.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) supervises all schools, institutes, vocational institutions, adult and special needs centers, day care centers and government and private universities in Dubai .

University level Education -

University Level First Stage: Bachelor's Degree

Studies leading to the Bachelor's Degree at the national universities last for four years. The primary language of instruction is English, with the exception of studies in Sharia law which is taught in Arabic.

University Level Second Stage: Master's Degree

A Master's Degree is awarded after one year's further study beyond the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Engineering and Environmental Sciences and a Postgraduate Diploma is offered by the College of Education of the University.

Higher Colleges of Technology

A system of UAE colleges offering a more technically oriented education was devised in 1988. The four founding Higher Colleges of Technology (HCTs) began the new experiment with an enrolment of 239 students. Today, 12 colleges for men and women in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Madinat Zayed, Dubai, Ra’s al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Fujairah, provide a range of programmes to over 15,000 students in technologically equipped campuses. The Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training(CERT), is now the largest private education provider in the region, has also been at the forefront of providing specialized customized training, promoting entrepreneurship and creativity, and facilitating technological advance through its technology park.

Private Institutions

Many excellent private institutions offer a wide range of tertiary-level options. Some of the reputed institutions include the American Universities of Sharjah and Dubai, Sharjah University and the Ajman University of Science and Technology. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is responsible for the accreditation of institutes and degrees, and its website provides a comprehensive list of recognized institutes and programmes.

The study expenses for undergraduate program in Dubai range from 37500 AED to 70000 AED and the same for Master’s program in Dubai ranges from 55000 to 75000 AED. The cost of living in Dubai varies depending upon your lifestyle as well as location. It ranges from 3000 to 4000 AED monthly.

Merit-based Scholarships

The merit-based scholarships are offered by many federal and state governments, local businesses, professional organizations, large corporations, universities, social and religous organizations. These are usually based on academic merit. However, there are also many peculiar scholarships offered to students with exceptional skills, extracurricular achievements and interests. For example, sports-based scholarships are given to students who have proven records of excellence in any particular sport. The student need not enroll in a sports-based course to avail such scholarship. Our counselors help you identify your skills and accentuate them in your scholarship application.

Need-based Scholarships (Grants)

Many organizations and universities provide need based aid to academically eligible students coming from monetarily underprivileged backgrounds. These scholarships tend to be highly competitive for which the students have to demonstrate their financial need through factors like assets and income of the student and his/her family. If you have such financial need, our counselors help you to identify universities having lower tuition fees, generous financial aid or a combination of both.

Facilitating with Scholarship Application

Applying within Time

"A stitch in time saves nine"-the ideal time to start looking for a scholarship is soon after you decide on your study destination and once you've shortlisted the programs. If you wait until the last moment, then you might have a tough time finding one. Our vast database of programs provides numerous options for scholarships for your easy reference. Our counsellors will save your considerable time and efforts by identifying appropriate universities and programs offering scholarships, making you apply within deadlines and processing your application with the universities.

Availing the Scholarship

After the successful processing of your application, the university sends confirmation of your admission. Our counselors coordinate with the university to help you with the formalities involved in availing the granted funding that can be shown by you at the time of applying for the student visa. With the assistance of our experienced consultants, who have a good knowledge on the nuances of educational funding, you can avail the right scholarships as per your eligibility.

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