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Our organization is focused, to guide students to the best possible Institutions, thus empowering them to build their future. Using our proficiency and vast experience we can classify the most suitable university for each student. Our fast-increasing base of satisfied clients much more than proves that we, at Rai Study Overseas, follow a highly fruitful and practical visa approach. We have built a strong reputation among overseas universities which keeps us updated of latest changes and updates on the student Visa policies to enable us to serve and help students and their parents in the best possible manner to ensure that, we deliver best of our services to our customers.

Our services are unique, because they are tailored to suit the individual needs. An applicant who utilizes the services of Rai Study Overseas, not only achieves his/her desire to move abroad but also acquires extensive information which allows him to integrate smoothly at the new destination.

We believe in understating and assessing applicants and student's personal requirements hence provide them with one to one session's and guide accordingly. Keeping in view your individual profile and the professional market scenario, we guide and assist students and professionals to make the best career choice.


Career Counseling

Is your indecisiveness about which subject to study giving you anxiety? Are you having sleepless nights worrying about which country would best suit your budget and academic requirements? Come to Rai Study Overseas and let us make it easier for you!!! Being guided by the correct person at the correct time is highly instrumental in making a person make correct choices. The once self-made decision about where to study and what course to study in college is nowadays being

Country Selection

Since the opportunities for overseas education are escalating at an incredible pace, educational institutes in most trendy destination countries are following the similar global standards. Because of this, making a decision regarding the right country has become a complex decision for students. There is no one size that fits all when it comes to university. A specific country may be suitable for one student but may not essentially be correct for another. With so many countries having

Course Selection

For a few people, selecting a course is effortless: they have for eternity wanted to be a doctor or have always had a passion for becoming a teacher. For the rest of the uncertain souls, there's Rai Study Overseas! Given the presence of thousands of options available, with multiple specializations, a student is destined to get confused. Different study programs have diverse benefits and distinctiveness. It is not central that an educational course that was accurate for

University Selection

Your career truly begins with choosing a university. To pick a university, you'll need to take on in a little self-reflection, Start thinking about what you're hoping to get out of your time abroad. University selection is the most significant part since the students have a platter full of choices. Rai Study Overseas provides you with the finest assistance when it comes to deciding on the best university for yourself. We have a wide-ranging database (which is updated on a frequent basis) of

Admission Formalities

Application filling is not just a customary procedure for us. Our counselors cater to each application individually. We understand that there are several formalities which need to be followed in order to ensure a smooth admission process, Rai Study Overseas's expertise and regular interaction with the admission offices of most universities/colleges helps us in keeping track with all the above aspects and give you unsurpassed service while completing the admission formalities on your behalf.

Visa Guidance and Support

Visa guidance is undoubtedly THE most important part. Visa approval or rejection can make or break your dream! Our expert professionals are here to guide you in complete Visa process right from filling up the application to preparing your financial statements. Additionally, there is excellent guidance and training provided for mock visa interviews. We are proud of our visa success rate of almost 99%!!!! Our Visa process officers in each office are trained by Respective Government Education

Mock Visa Interviews

At Rai Study Overseas, we will provide all the required preparation to face the ‘visa interview’. We not only provide information, but also prepare you with mock interview sessions. We will first carefully assess the background of the applicant (the student), determine what your strong and weak areas are & prepare questions that may be asked during the actual interview. Our counselors will then conduct mock interview sessions and see how the applicant responds to the various


If you are going to Abroad to study, then finding an accommodation can be incredibly tricky and time consuming. Students have a tough choice deciding whether to live in university halls, private halls or private housing. As you would expect, each has its own advantages and shortcomings. At Rai Study Overseas, you will find an answer to all your questions. We assist students in finding an accomodation which suits the students' needs. With our immense experience

Travel Arrangement

At Rai Study Overseas, we assist students in their travel arrangements at the best available discounts. This assistance is contingent upon the students who are Rai Study Overseas students. We have strategic tie-ups with many travel consultants to offer our students best possible rates! Our counselors will identify the most appropriate and cost effective travel itinerary for each student. Worried about excess baggage??!! Fret not; we will help you find the right airline

Foreign Exchange

Rai Study Overseas is equipped to take care of your foreign exchange needs. Our ties with various banks ensure that your money is exchanged into any currency required at the best possible rate.Rai Study Overseas is equipped to take care of your foreign exchange needs. Our ties with various banks ensure that your money is exchanged into any currency required at the best possible rate.Rai Study Overseas is equipped to take care of your foreign exchange needs.

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Papular Courses

Computer science

Introductory course in computer science and the study of algorithms appropriate for students in data-intensive disciplines. The coursealso includes a gentle hands-on introduction to programming concepts with Python. The course is taught by a faculty member, lab sections are led by TAs.

Medicine (MBBS)

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, or in Latin: Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae (abbreviated in many ways, e.g. MBBS, MB ChB, MB BCh, MB BChir (Cantab), BM BCh (Oxon), BMBS), are the two first professional degrees in medicine and surgery awarded upon

Aviation Transport

Desire to fly is one of the most ancient and beautiful dreams of mankind. However, aviation specialists know very well that a flight is not just a beautiful dream, but it involves hard work, patience and responsibility. Great responsibility, quality of work, ability to work together

Mechanical Engineering

Civil engineering / computer engineering / Aerospace engineering / electrical engineering / industrial engineering / mechanical engineering are the main area of engineering studies Civil engineering / computer engineering / Aerospace engineering / electrical engineering

Entrepreneurship Management

This course introduces students to the nature of business and entrepreneurship as the vehicle for making money by creating wealth and producing goods and services for a profit in a free enterprise economy. Emphasis is on different forms of business organizations including


This course introduces students to legal systems and the skills of lawyers. It includes instruction and discussion on legal traditions, legal institutions and legal methods. It focuses on developing students' skills in legal reasoning, writing and research. skills in legal reasoning, writing and research.

BBA (Bachelor of Business administration)

The degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of a company and their interconnection, while also allowing for specialization in a particular area. B.B.A. programs thus expose students to a variety of "core subjects"

MBA (master of Business Administration)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) is a master's degree in business administration (management). The MBA degree originated in the United States in the early 20th century when the country industrialized and companies

Information Technology

This course provides advanced knowledge and competencies in hardware and operating system technologies for computer technicians to support personal computers. ... Upon completion, students should be able to install, configure, diagnose, perform preventive

Tourism & Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management Course Description. Thiscourse covers the growth and progress of thehospitality industry. Topics include tourism, lodging, resorts, gaming, restaurants, foodservice and clubs. Hospitality management encompasses many

Business Finance

Typical duties include reviewing financial reports, monitoring accounts, and preparing activity reports and financial forecasts. Financial managers also investigate ways to improve profitability, and analyze markets for businessopportunities, such as expansion, mergers or acquisitions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

World class education helps you to shape your career successfully in the global market. An international qualification is recognized around the globe. Studying abroad gives you a chance to network with students and employers/ industrialists from across the globe. It provides you a platform to familiarize yourself with the global market demands and enhance your career prospects.

Latvia , Lithuania , France , Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway are the countries for higher studies in Engineering / Business / IT / Hospitality etc. In addition to these, European countries, Cyprus, Turkey, Dubai , and Singapore offer quality and cost effective courses especially in medicine studies etc.

Rai Study Overseas provides candid counselling in choosing the right study options as well as assists you in applying to the institutions of your choice, getting offers, availing bank loans and scholarships, payment of tuition fees, visa documentation guidance and support and post landing services to help ensure you have a smooth transition.

Most countries allow international students to work part-time during their studies, however, in countries like Singapore, US, China, Bulgaria, etc. there are restrictions for students to legally work part time.

Most of the countries offer post study stay-back options for students to explore job opportunities post the successful completion of their studies. The Co-ops and internships during the study help the students to network and search for employment opportunities after the completion of the course.

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